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   NEW * Case Hydro-Forming for 6-PPC, 30-PPC, 30-BR, 6 BRA, 6-Grinch, 6-BRDX, 6-BRX and the popular Dasher,. I can do a long Dasher as well.

  • Neck Turning, Annealing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Case Resizing, False Shoulder Forming and OAL Trimming

 Price adjustment updated 7-4-2016

Basic Service:

Anneal Only

Cost$20.00 per hundred for standard cases.

            $25.00 per hundred for magnum cases.

Combination Service:

• Ultrasonic Cleaning 
• Check for split necks
• Anneal case necks

 Cost:  Starting at $35.00 per hundred standard and $45.00 per hundred for magnum cases+ flat rate USPS or actual shipping. Please call for quote on miscellaneous, military bulk brass or high volume discount.

Full Service:

• Uniform primer pockets
• Champfer case mouths
• Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing
• Anneal case necks

 Cost: Starting at $50.00 per hundred  and up + flat rate USPS  or actual shipping. Please call for quote on miscellaneous, military bulk brass or high volume discount.

Muzzle Brake:

•  Ultrasonic cleaning 
•  Removes carbon buildup to restore critical bullet clearance requirements.

 Cost:  $5.00 + flat rate USPS actual shipping. Discounts available for volume or with brass service.

• Hydro-Forming any of the following, 6-PPC, 30-PPC, 30-BR, 6-BRA, 6-Grinch, 6-BRDX, 6-BRX and the popular 6-Dasher. 

Cost: .60¢ each minimum of 100 pieces plus actual return shipping cost.

Neck Turning or trim to length Custom Order Service:

Cost: Starting at $60.00 per hundred for standard cases and $75.00 per hundred for magnums.

• Available upon request including OAL trimming to specified length. I can resize your necks or false shoulder your cases for wildcat fire forming as well....

*    $25.00 minimum service order.

**  Additional insurance request will be added to your billing.

** Call 205-461-4680 for additional information or clarification.

Please deprime all brass before shipment!